Since my diagnosis I have learned so much about MS and how people come to live with the progression of symptoms. I thought I would share some useful and interesting material here. I hope you find these links interesting and useful.

My friend Connie has written a wonderful piece about assistive devices on her blog. Like the interview with Marcia Hirst below, it really helps identify and illustrate the uses of “machinery” that can make life easier for people with MS and other crippling diseases. Here’s the link to Connie’s article:

Patient Power interview with Marcia Hirst. Notice her extensive use of assistive devices. When I began to discover that I needed these devices I got lots of information about them from online conversations with other people with MS.

2 thoughts on “A Little Knowledge
  1. Hi there,
    I just came across your comment on the Liberator Medical commercial. I am Julie and I just wanted to offer my support if you do find yourself in need of someone to talk to about cathing or any other MS related issue. I get what you were saying with respect to comparing the cath to a lipstick but when I was diagnosed many years ago carrying cumbersome caths that regularly caused infections was not ideal to say the very least. These Speedicaths have changed/improved my life. Why else would I go before the world to speak about them. Money? No! I did it for free because I remember what it was like in the beginning and wanted to help whomever I could. While I have receive many positive, thankful responses, there have also been there far share of negative/cruel comments. It is worth noting this entire thing was unscripted and I did not realize what a vast audience would be reached. I should have probably thought more about that before doing it but I just wanted to help other women that may feel the way I felt. And as a side note: I do agree with the heavy makeup. I don’t normally look like than. They did my make up that day, much to my regret… But hopefully the more important message is received rather than a critic of my appearance.

    Wishing you well,

    • Hi Julie,
      I am sorry that my comments about the Speedicath offended you. I honestly did not mean to be commenting on you or your appearance. I only mentioned your appearance because you are so lovely that I thought it bore on the point that I was making about the company’s attempt to “normalize” catheters for women. Please accept my apologies for offending you. I understand that you really wanted to help women know that they now have an option for a new kind of catheter.

      I should have been more sensitive to the fact that you were attempting to do something helpful for others who have urinary problems. Thank you for commenting and calling me on comments that were hurtful to you.


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