Today is the day for change, for life outside this body,
this mind; I am afraid, though, that something
is going wrong. My mind is sleeping; my head keeps
falling forward. I am sleeping all the time. I can’t
stop it. I’m not sure what is going on; I am just afraid.
Today is the day for some kind of change, but it
scares me. What kind of change will it be? What will
it do to my life? Will it make it better? Or will I
simply sleep more? I simply can’t sleep more than this
I am too tired and the more I sleep the more tired I am!
What is happening? I just want to stay awake! I want
to go out in the world, but I can’t think of anything to
What is it I want to do? I feel like a rudderless ship,
like a tree without roots. I am ungrounded; I am ungrounded.

One thought on “I am Ungrounded
  1. I like the word “ungrounded” and how all these poems connect with the repetitions in the last two lines.

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