It is sad here, lonely – as if nothing
has happened, no one has visited
day upon day – sad here and lonely.
Sad here and lonely. I come here
to this place every day, sit here
in this chair every day. The repetition
scares me a little, and leaves me
afraid that my life will end here
in this place and in this repetition.
I do not want that. What I want
is for someone to miss me someone
to wonder what has happened to me,
why I have gone so soon.

5 thoughts on “Gone So Soon
  1. You are where we all know you are, in the loving care of your partner and family. You are there and talking to us all. We listen and feel your anxious worry. Do not worry, we love beautiful you and your beautiful words. We know where to find you. you are not alone.


  2. Michelle, In the deep account of loneliness expressed in this poem– know that you have touched others, have spoken directly to me, even as we live more than 1000 miles apart. Miss you and sending peace and much love, today and always. Susan

  3. Thank you, Susan

  4. alone in a chair
    observing the world whirl by
    loneliness descends

    beckoning whispers
    await your recognition
    you do still matter

    what fear embraces
    love surely wills to displace
    if but acknowledged

    Forgive my attempt at verse, but it was the only way I could respond to your stirring poem.

  5. cool

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