Listen, it’s not what you think. No, really, listen.
It’s odd the way silence lectures me: You spend
too much time alone. Quiet is good, but movement
will help. Try baking something, maybe walk up
and down the steps. You can recover

from a fall. Just get yourself off the floor.
Playing with the dogs will be good for you.
Playing with the dogs will make them happy.
Try cooking dinner. Write something.
Exert yourself; it will help. You can’t need

to rest this soon. Your legs will be better;
just work them harder. A few years ago,
I had no idea what it meant to walk.
I swayed, ass sliding smoothly from side
to side, come hither written on every move.

One thought on “It’s Not What You Think
  1. As always, you hit the target with this! Don’t you just want to bitch slap those people with all their “you need to ____” remarks?

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